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AVG Free Edition 9.0.790

Downloads: 979036
File size: 79.17MB
Requirements: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vist
License: Freeware

AVG Free Edition 9.0.790 Change Log
Fixes & Improvements:

AvgSys: Optimization of temporary files stay in filesystem in case of process crash.
AvgSys: Preventing of NTFS cache server crash.
Core: Improved update process of scanning engine for less count of necessary computer restarts.
Core: Improved scanning stability on incomplete files.
Core: Improved NTFS cache sever functionality for better scanning speed.
Core: Speed optimization in polymorphic malware detection.
Core: Speed improvement in static heuristics.
Core: Added new option to pause caching.
Core: Fixed possible crash in cache server.
Core: Enhanced scanning of inf files.
Core: Improved detection of Swizzor malware family.
Core: New polymorphic malware detection method has been added.
Core: Less dangerous category of potentially unwanted programs (PUP2) supported.
Core: Increased robustness on files with incorrect header.
Core: Fixed disconnecting external hard disks with enabled cache.
Core: Script emulator crash fix.
Core: Vbscript emulator crash fix.
Kernel: By default, scanning of some archive types was switched off in the Whole computer scan, Removable device scan, and scheduled scans.
Resident Shield: Enhanced scanning of files mentioned in 'autorun.inf' files.
Safe Search: Flyover and/or colored cursor indicators will be added for links appearing in email for Gmail.
Safe Search: Added Search Shield support for Firefox 3.6.
Safe Search: Discontinued Search Shield support for Firefox 2.*.
Safe Search: Fixed issue where additional Google searches after the first are not showing verdict icons.
Safe Search: VeriSign seals supported in Search-Shield.
Setup: /NORESTART parameter used within the unistallation process prevents the PC from being restarted.
Setup: During setup, PC Tools Antivirus is now detected as a conflicting application.
Setup: Activation of Windows Firewall can be suppressed by setup parameter.
Setup: Added new sales number explanation dialog.
Setup: AVG 8 processes are removed from Windows Firewall exception list during AVG 8 to AVG 9 upgrade.
Toolbar: New version of AVG Toolbar implemented.
User Interface: Fixed shell extension context menu to retain new visual styles in Windows Vista and newer systems.
User Interface: Added possibility to change scan priority from system tray context menu.
User Interface: New allowed action called "IDP allowed list access" added into advanced settings.
User Interface: Mandatory items cannot be changed via the Default button.
User Interface: Added new scan settings "Report enhanced set of Potentially Unwanted Programs".
User Interface: Improved progress bar depiction in some update process dialogs.
User Interface: New license information bar added to component overview to inform about license type/expiration.
User Interface: Fixed issue with non-responding system tray icon during scan run.
User Interface: GUI minor fixes.

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